Sunday, June 12, 2011

Ahoy, Sinful Colors POTC dupes!

A few days ago I heard about a possible dupe collection from Sinful Colors for the OPI Pirates of the Caribbean collection that was released last month. The Sinful Colors collection is called "Adventure Island," and some of the colors are definitely dupes for the POTCs! There was an article posted on a few days back showing the new colors. I went into my local Rite Aid to look for Waves of Enchantment from the WnW Mermaid's Cove collection (no luck), but lo and behold, they DID have the Sinful Adventure Island colors, and pretty much all the colors were in stock!

Left to Right: Star Fish (dupe for Sparrow Me The Drama), Rise and Shine, Verbena (dupe for Planks A Lot), Open Seas (dupe for Mermaid's Tears), and Seaweed (dupe for Stranger Tides). On the display it looked like there were also dupes for Steady As She Rose and Skull and Glossbones, but I didn't grab these colors and don't know their names. $1.99 each, folks!! I don't care if they're a blatant ripoff ... These are a steal! I also had to grab the hot pink Sally Hansen Crackle polish. :)

Above: Super duper flashy picture, but ... ignoring the very top left one (which is Funky Fingers Baby Baby Baby), these are, left to right: Rise and Shine, Seaweed, Open Seas, Verbena, and Star Fish. 

Above: Here they are again, along with some other colors I'll blog about later :) 

What do you think? :) 


  1. Thank you for this! Definitely need to check these out. I have rise and shine but can't find the others at walgreens or Fred meyers so I may try my local rite aid! Wonder if they even carry SC!

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