Saturday, June 11, 2011

Cosmic FX dupes?

05/22/11 - I apologize for the terrible pics ... but this is Mattese Elite Intense Pleasure from their Orgasmic Collection. I think it is a dupe for Orly Out Of This World from the Cosmic FX collection. Since I don't have the Orly, unfortunately I can't truly compare, and these pics don't do the polish justice. :(

Here are some of the shades from Mattese Elite's Orgasmic Collection. Top to bottom, Cream Dream (which I think was supposed to be a dupe for It's Not Rocket Science, but is not green enough), Cream Dream with OPI Black Shatter, Explosive Sensation (looks to be a dupe for Galaxy Girl), Intense Pleasure, and a separate Mattese Elite shade I previously blogged about, Nutty Hat Guy (a dupe for OPI Mad As A Hatter). 

 The Mattese Elite polishes are exclusive to Ricky's Beauty Supply ( I picked up these three from the Orgasmic Collection for $.99 each!

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