Monday, June 13, 2011

My First Franken!

06/01/11 - A lot of the ladies in the polish groups I belong to on Facebook are starting to make their own polishes. Sometimes they use a pigment called SpectraFlair that is light diffractive, causing an effect similar to that seen in the popular holographic nail polishes. It's a pigment that's normally used in paint for cars; thus it's not cosmetic grade - so if you decide to try this, you do so at your own risk to your health, and to your polish!! SpectraFlair and similar pigments are available on eBay and various other places on the web.

I'm not brave enough to try the SpectraFlair, but I have wanted to experiment with making my own polish, especially a holo! A lovely lady in the group pointed me in the direction of a product sold at Sally's (and I'm sure many other places as well) called SuperNail Glitter. It's an acrylic powder like the kind used in the glitter/color fill tips I've blogged about before. It IS cosmetic grade, and it's gorgeous! I bought the powder in the shade Silver Rush, which cost a whole $3.59 plus tax for 3.5 grams. There is PLENTY of powder to make several frankens! There are also several other colors/glitters that look like they'd be great for frankening (such as Blizzard). I bought a bottle of NYC Pier 17 to experiment, and added the powder using a fake press-on nail (ring-nail sized), adding 4 "scoops." Then I stirred and shook it - a LOT. It's a tad grainy, so I added a coat of Seche Vite and it cleared that right up! Here is the result! 

 It's definitely not a linear holo, but it is very sparkly! The powder didn't affect the color of the polish at all, other than to make it glitter-tastic :)

I dub thee ... BLUE STEEL! 


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