Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Holy Blue Dupes, Batman - Part Deux!

My earlier post had me inspired to check out a few other possible dupes in my collection. In a recent swap, from very generous ladies in the Facebook nail polish group I belong to (Nail Polish and Gossip) I recently received Wet N Wild Fast Dry Blue Wants To Be A Millionaire and KleanColor Holo Blue. I already had Milani 3D Holo in Cyberspace, but in the bottle these three looked pretty close so I decided to swatch them and break it down.

 Top: Milani 3D Cyberspace, Middle: KleanColor Holo Blue, Bottom: Wet N Wild Fast Dry Blue Wants To Be A Millionaire
I live in Washington State, where the sun doesn't exist (at least not this summer). This is 3 coats of each shade. The holo on Milani's Cyberspace is more scattered and subtle, even in direct sunlight, but it's still beautiful and definitely more rainbow-y than BWTBAM. Out of the three, the KleanColor has the most noticeable holo effect - super sparkly in the sun! - but again, this is a scattered holo so you don't get the same results you'd get from the linear holos out there. It is gorgeous though! The application on the Milani is the best, with great coverage and less coats needed for true opacity. KleanColor's application is second; the polish is thick but also a little goopy - it might need to be thinned. The WnW is very sheer and didn't produce a very holo-y result. It's also just slightly darker in color than the other two. 

So there you have it! Three very similar polishes, each with their own unique attributes ... depending on what you're looking for! Personally I am happy to own all three. I can find uses for all of them! :) 

Special thanks to Jacqueline Do and Kayelyn Kiethley for swapping me these great polishes! 


  1. Thanks for sharing! I have the first two and haven't even compared them yet!

  2. Yes! Seriously, when is summer going to start around here? I fell like all my blog posts are weather reports instead of showing off the gorgeous polish :(