Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Holy Blue Dupes, Batman!

These are Wet N Wild NERDS Need Love Too and Sinful Colors Paradise. Similar, no? Let's see just how similar...

Thumb, middle, and pinky are Sinful Colors Paradise. Pointer and ring finger are Wet N Wild NERDS Need Love Too. Barely noticeable! The difference is in the application. WnW NERDS is very thin and sheer and doesn't apply as nicely or as opaque as SC Paradise. Also, NERDS has a very slight shimmer that doesn't show well on the nail or in the pics but is definitely noticeable in the bottle.

 For giggles, I added a coat of Sinful Colors Hottie on top ...

And then at the suggestion of someone in my nail group on Facebook, I matted them:

I love these colors! They're *very* close, but application on the Sinful Colors polish is definitely preferable.